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Knit fabric features

Issuing time:2019-11-20 16:04

We are leading manufacturer of weft knitted fabrics like pique fabric, jersey fabric, polar fleece, CVC fleece, interlock fabric, double knitted fabric, four way stretch for women clothes, children clothes, t-shirts, polo shirts, etc.

Jersey fabric is a type of knit textile made from cotton or a cotton and synthetic blend. Some common uses for jersey fabric include t-shirts and winter bedding. The fabric is warm, flexible, stretchy, and very insulating, making it a popular choice for the layer worn closest to the body. Jersey also tends to be soft, making it very comfortable.

Pique fabric, surface looks like honecomb, refers to a weaving style, normally used with cotton yarn, which is characterized by raised parallel cords or fine ribbing. Twilled cotton and corded cotton are close relatives. This fabric is more breathable, hygroscopic, dry and comfortable. Usually be used for t-shirt and sportswear.

Polar fleece, usually referred to simply as "fleece," is a soft napped insulating synthetic fabric made from Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or other synthetic fibers. One of the first forms was Polar Fleece created in 1979 by Malden Mills, now Polartec LLC., a new, light and strong pile fabric meant to mimic and in some ways surpass wool. Fleece has some of wool's finest qualities but weighs a fraction of the lightest available woolens.

Polar fleece is used in casual jackets, hats, sweaters, jogging bottoms/sweatpants, gym clothes, hoodies, inexpensive throw blankets, and high-performance outdoor clothing, and can be a vegan alternative to wool. It can be made partially from recycled plastic bottles and is very light, soft and easy to wash

4 way stretch is the knit fabric with spandex, has most stretch on crosswise grain and is suitable for dress, activewear, dancewear, leotards.

Rib fabric, a double-knit fabric in which the rib wales or vertical rows of stitches intermesh alternatively on the face and the back of the fabric. Rib knit fabrics have good elasticity and shape retention, especially in the width.

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